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The Evolutionary Theory is obviously false. But, can this be made into an objectively appealing reasoning?


To falsify or refute the Evolutionary Theory we use the very common sense that everyone uses every day to dismantle lies. The problem is that lies usually come accompanied with truths. So, wisdom is necessary to discern what is what. Fortunately, we all have a very rich experience in this trade.


  1. Registered fact: Tom, 15 years old, arrived last Friday with a cheering face and with a lot of new things.
  2. An explanation was demanded by his mom: where did you get the necessary big money to buy all that?
  3. The theory presented by Tom: I worked during all day long in a garden of a friend of James and he generously paid me for the 12 Fridays that I worked.
  4. First calculation of the theory (made by the mom): if you worked in a garden during all the day long then you must be stinking.
  5. Experiment: show me your armpit, say the mom.
  6. Contrasting the prediction against facts: Upon examination of the armpit, the prediction was found to be correct. The face of Tom showed a great satisfaction.
  7. More predictions: your dress shall be dirty with black soil and there shall be some residual soil in your nails no matter how well you tried to wash them. Moreover, your alleged hard work should have left clear effects on your hands.
  8. Predictions vs. facts: everything was in order. Tom began to show signs of disgusting: are you making fun of me? Believe me: I was generously paid!
  9. Final calculation and killing prediction: Did you say that you were paid very generously for 12 fridays of work? The most extreme generosity multiplies by seven the correct wage. This is the upper bound for the price of all your purchases!!!
  10. Fact: your purchases amount to two hundred times the right wage.
  11. The assertion of a falsification: Dear Tom, your lie has been busted.
  12. Further research: Where did you get the money?
  13. Result = Answer given by Tom and that was accepted by the mom: I took my wage, 20% overpaid, and went to the casino. And for the first time in my life, I beat the machine!
  14. The discomfort of the mom: Oh my Got! Are you now addicted to winning easy money with the ensuing cost of losing everything every day?

Implementation over the Evolutionary Theory

We calculate mandatory, massive, inescapable predictions of the Theory but that are obviously false to next compare expectations and facts. Our choice for the falsifying prediction is the following:

  1. Evolution is real: it is always at work causing changes and reorganizations. Evolution is good at gathering change that helps to perfect things.
  2. Randomness fuels evolution: randomness is good to make miracles. But randomness is very bad at making many miracles in a row.
  3. Theory: my body (form and function) was made by evolution that took full advantage of small changes as well of unusual, large events.
  4. Calculation: if evolution blindly built from scratch the complexity of my body, this shall be filled in malformations and malfunctions. The same shall be expected for all living beings in the fossil record from the chimp down to microorganisms. The reason for these imperfections is that every living being is an extremely complex marvel. This means that in the process of development, mediocre solutions were rapidly found that were next somehow improved but that led to blind alleys with no future and no further improvement. That is why a lot of suboptimal solutions of form and function shall be present at every stage of evolution and in every lineage. This is our mandatory, falsifying prediction.
  5. Facts: eyes and vision of children are usually perfect as are their bodies in every aspect of form and function. Moreover, perfection is found everywhere in living beings as well in the fossil record of every species.
  6. Contrasting facts to prediction: one can accept that the perfection of the eye appeared by gathering of happy random events that caused both small and large favorable changes. We also might agree to apply the same proposal to the appearing of the ear. And for the hand. And for the foot. And for the stomach. But since we know that randomness is bad at making many miracles in a row, we must stop doing that forever and ever. Now, suppose we refuse to explain our saliva by a miracle that happened by randomness. In that case, we must reason like this: Saliva contains enzymes to begin the digestive process. So, evolution needs to show us some ancestors with no digestive enzymes and others whose saliva have enzymes that slightly digest the mouth, the tongue, and the teeth. Problems with the teeth must be visible in the fossil record. Where are they? And, if we stop at our nails we can reason as follows: Where in the fossil record are nails that grow towards the inside? Or with the wrong concavity? Or that appear not in the fingers but in the biceps? Or that are very weak? Or that are hard as the teeth? Or that grow only once in the life and then nothing? Or that grow very slowly causing carriers to always have torn nails? And so on. And so on. And so on during three eons.
  7. Verdict: The Evolutionary Theory pretends to explain perfection by evolution without showing the evolution of perfection. In this sense, it is inconsistent, it is a contradiction.


No matter how final this argument should look like, it is nevertheless interesting to make objective calculations of the Evolutionary Theory with the purpose of contrasting expectations with facts. Objective calculations are nowadays called simulations and are usually run in computers under a given programming language -Java was our choice. Anyway, this task has been found to be extremely rich, very complex and even daunting. For example: if available time grows, more miracles in a row are expected. So, how about the nearly 4000 millions of years of hard, permanent work of evolution since the appearing of the Earth? Is not that more than sufficient to explain me and you?

You are more than welcome

As we see, there is here a place for everybody. So, you are welcome but more than that, you are necessary to create and solve problems. Thus, keep in mind that the most difficult problem is to get concepts right: Did you noted that we have assumed under the hood that evolution has a purpose when it has none indeed? Other assumptions are the following: evolution always has had unbounded resources, the velocity of light is infinite, our processing capability has no limit, there are infinitely many planets like ours. A very terryfying assumption made by us is that complexity is objective and that therefore it has evolutionary meaning. Whether or not other assumptions are necessary or convenient is unknown to the Author.